Konrad Adenauer Foundation visited the Parliament of FB&H

Fondacija Konrad AdenauerChairman of the House of Representatives of Parliament FB&H Fehim Škaljić spoke with the Director of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation in B&H Sabina Wolkner about the current political situation in B&H and the future cooperation between the two sides.

During the meeting was emphasized that the inter-parliamentary cooperation is imperative, such as with the parliament in B&H, as well as with regional and European. It was stated that for successful cooperation, is needed a modern approach of process management.

What we can do together is the development of a plan of mutual coordination as a rule of behavior. This means the exchange of best practices and the European clausal“, said the Chairman Škaljić.

Our initiative is the inter-parliamentary cooperation between B&H and Germany, but with a focus on entities. Through program support we want to discuss many topics such as economic cooperation, the good sides of investing in B&H, but also the shortcomings to help creation of the conditions for economic development”, noted the director of the Foundation Mrs. Wolkner.

It was concluded that the signing of a memorandum of joint cooperation between the Federal Parliament of B&H and the parliament of Saxony should be the first step toward the development of economic cooperation.

(Source: Dnevni avaz)

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