Komsic: Milanovic’s Statements cause the most Damage to Croats in BiH

The President of the Republic of Croatia, Zoran Milanovic, is constantly provoking further discussions between the twocountries with his moves, as Zeljko Komsic, the member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and the leader of the Democratic Front (DF) stated yesterday.

As Komsic pointed out in a statement for agency Fena, Milanovic came to BiH, insulting not only Komsic personally but also the country he visited, saying that BiH was “on the bottom rung of the ladder of the European Union (EU).”

“We don’t have to explain what it would look like in normal relations between the two countries, but since relations betweenBiH and Croatia are like this, anything but normal, we live with such attitudes of the head of our neighboring country,” Komsicsaid.

Komsic added that he refrained from commenting, not wanting to “put out a fire with gasoline” because he thinks that Milanovic needs quarrels for some reason.

But, everything he did during his visit was inappropriate, Komsic believes. The views he expressed about BiH in our country are inappropriate, but he made the greatest damage to Croats in BiH.

“He came here, he said it all, and a part of politicians who like to say that they are Croatian politicians supported it. Milanovic went back, and left us here to put out the fires and actually did a disservice first of all to the Croats in BiH, to those in whose name he swears, ” said Komsic.

Nevertheless, Komsic announced that he will continue to behave like a decent man because he is aware of the need for relations between BiH and Croatia to be as good as possible since the two countries are very geographically connected because they share the longest border, but also have personal ties.

It is important to mention that Milanovic supported Komsic in the 2010 elections for the position of a member of the Presidency of BiH from the Croatian people, but now he said that Komsic has changed and that he would never do it again.

Komsic answered that he was the same in 2006 when he ran for that position for the first time, but also in 2018 when he ran for a third term in the Presidency of BiH.

During his visit to BiH, Milanovic also noted that he would not come to Sarajevo as long as Zeljko Komsic sits in the Presidency of BiH. He does not consider him a legitimate representative of Croats in BiH, and Komsic says he can live with it, but he thinks this is bad because there are a lot of things they could discuss, BHRT writes.


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