Komsic: Fascism in BiH is often presented as the Right to Political Opinion

On the Victory of Europe Day (Victory Day over Fascism and the Day of Europe), the member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) from the Croatian people, Zeljko Komsic, laid a wreath at the Eternal Flame memorial and said that fascism still lives today, but it is often hidden and presented as political opinion.

He thinks that fascism can only be defeated through democracy, the rule of law, transparency, and free media.

“We thought that fascism was defeated in 1945. We in BiH thought that we put an end to that story at the end of 1995 and the beginning of 1996 when the Dayton Peace Agreement was concluded, and then it turned out to be extremely tough, because it has many forms. Sometimes it is extreme, clearly visible to people, as it was in the Second World War and in the aggression on BiH, but sometimes it is presented as the right to political opinion, ideas, etc. But this evil definitely exists because you see that the whole European continent is actually struggling with the same story – the fascist one, ” Komsic told.

He added that the fascist story is wrapped in political parties, in the right to a political opinion, and in essence, as he claimed, it is about chauvinism, fascism, nazism, anti-semitism, and anti-Islamism.

“It is something that every generation thinks is left behind and every generation then faces it once again. Well, this story about ‘non-paper’, is classic fascism,” Komsic pointed out, Klix.ba writes.


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