Do you know the Story of Hodidjed – the Mysterious Medieval Fortresses of Sarajevo?

HodidjedSarajevo as we know it today was founded back in the year of 1462 by the first Ottoman governor of Bosnia, Isa Bey Ishakovic.

In the Middle Ages, Sarajevo was part of the medieval district of Vrhbosna. The only fortress that existed back then in Vrhbosna was Hodidjed, one of the many fortresses that were built by medieval people on the hills of the former fortifications.

A large number of archaeologists believe that Hodidjed was positioned in Bulozi, in what is now known as the municipality of Istocni Stari Grad, in which village Hodidid still exist today, but some experts deny that opinion.

Profesor Museta-Asceric stated that there is no evidence that Hodidjed was located in the town of Bulozi, and that everything points on the Sarajevo fortress.

“Hodidjed is not the most important question by itself but it is important in regard of the foundations of Sarajevo, that this city was not built on some ‘wasteland’ but that settlements existed on this valley of Miljacka and Zeljeznica since past times, as well as epochs. When it comes to Middle Ages, Hodidjed is important as well as some other places such as Tornik (Utornik, Trgoviste), Brodac, etc… There is also the name of the entire district Vrhbosna. When we talk about early epochs there are, of course, Ilidza and Butmir as well. This means that Sarajevo was not formed on some uninhabited and completely opened space”, said historian Haris Zaimovic.

When it comes to function and significance of Hodidjed, it is certainly significant because in its vicinity could come to the formation of urban settlement, or the present-day city of Sarajevo, according to Professor Vesna Museta-Asceric.

Hodidjed, according to the Professor, served for the defense of the medieval square. It is a square Tornik near Marin-Dvor and Kosevski stream. Ottomans wrote about it after their arrival in Sarajevo, and Isa Bey Ishakovic mentioned this square in its vakufnama 555 years ago.

Despite all of the mentioned information, it cannot be claimed where Hodidjed was exactly located in the past. Claims regarding Hodidjed and the place where it existed in BiH, similarly to other examples in culture, became a matter of politics. But archaeologists and historians agree on one thing – it is unknown where exactly Hodidjed was, but it had very important and significant place in the rich history of our country, as well as the city of Sarajevo that marked its 555th birthday this year.


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