Do you know how Grbavica Stadium got the Nickname “Valley of Pots”

Grbavica Stadium“Happy ending” of yet another blue fairytale on the Grbavica Stadium took place yesterday, at the opening of the East Stand, whose construction was enabled by fans and friends of football club Zeljeznicar.

It’s been three months and 15 days since laying of the foundation stone and the start of construction of the East Stand of the Grbavica Stadium.

Yesterday, on the 1st of April, before the match with Sloboda that started at 7 pm, the stand was officially opened, and the capacity of the stadium will now be increased by 4,266 seats.

This is the big thing that FC Zeljeznicar managed to achieve together with their fans.

And, these days on social networks is present the story of how Grbavica Stadium got the popular nickname “Valley of pots”.

The former director of the club Zdenko Jelic told this legend on one occasion:

“That nickname dates from a long time ago, I remember it very well. It refers to Indochina, and the battles over the then Laos, where the two fractions were fighting over what is now known as Vietnam. They were bloody battles which lasted for years. They fought in gorges of mountains, and one of them, the most terrible one in the war in Indochina, was called the “Valley of pots”. The first to mention this was Pero Zagar from Olimpija (Ljubljana), who said: “Those who are going to Grbavica, should leave the hope behind.” With this, he wanted to say that there is no chance to win anything on our Grbavica besides handshake after the defeat.”


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