Do you know which City in BiH was banned for Foreigners?

han-pijesakHan Pijesak today is just a location through which many just pass through on their way from Sarajevo to Belgrade. However, not so long time ago, this place was much more.

Until the 80’s of the last century, taking pictures and recording was not allowed here. Foreign citizens were even forbidden to make a stop here. Most passers-by at that time had no idea that Han Pijesak was hiding one of the most guarded secrets of the former Yugoslavia.

It is located only 10 kilometers away, on the mountain cliffs at the foot of Zep hill, this mysterious hidden city is located in the locality of Crna Rijeka (Black River).

“It has always been a military secret that people respected,” said the former Mayor, Ljubivoje Supic.

Little was known about it, but word eventually got around. It was command place of the former JNA. According to stories, there were hidden the latest military and technological achievements.

Radoslav Golic and his family were moved from this area back in the 40’s because of the construction of the complex. His and several other families were evicted literally overnight.

“We were evicted under the threat of force. From 1947 to 1949, a whole village was evicted. A total of 15 surnames were evicted,” said Golic.

“It was clear that it was an atomic shelter,” said Radoslav Golic.

The object that was supposed to serve as a shelter for Tito and where Ratko Mladic was allegedly hiding today is unusable. It is secured by members of the Armed Forces of BiH. EUFOR had sealed it in 2005. Any kind of recording here is still not allowed.

“Crna Rijeka (Black River) is not perspective military asset, but we still keep it,” as stated from the Ministry of Defense.

In the past time underground city and a symbol of a century and military forces became the only reminder of a military miracle today. Miracle preserved from eyes, but not from time.

(Source: N1)


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