Do you know which is the Best-Selling Car Brand in BiH?

cars importWorld supplies of Skoda vehicles in the last year were increased by 6.8 % i.e. to 1,127,700 vehicles (in 2015: 1055500). In December, brand Skoda achieved growth of 5.7 % with 91,500 vehicles delivered (December 2015: 86,600).

“We achieved a new record in 2016. With our young and modern model gamma, we were able to increase the attractiveness of our brand in the past year,” said the director of Skoda, Bernhard Maier.

In Western Europe, Skoda achieved an increase by 5.7 % or 455,200 deliveries to customers (2015: 430,900). In December 2016, they delivered 32,600 vehicles (November 2015: 31,100).

In Eastern Europe, Skoda achieved an increase by 7.2 % or 35,100 vehicles (2015: 32,700). In December, in this region, their sale rose by 3.3% or 2,800 deliveries (December 2015: 2,700).

In BiH was also recorded double-digit growth (1,400 vehicles or more than 23.2 %). The brand Skoda continues to maintain its status of the best-selling car brand in BiH in 2016.

Brand Skoda recorded special growth in the territory of Central Europe: they recorded an increase of 6.8 %, or 183,800 deliveries (2015: 172,100). Sale of Skoda vehicles at home, in the Czech Republic, was increased by 3.5 % / 88,000 vehicles (2015: 85,000).

(Source: fokus.ba)

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