What kind of Weather can be expected during the Week?

Today’s weather in BiH will be cold and mostly cloudy, with low rainfall. Daily temperature will be around 4 °C.

Rain is possible in the south of our country, while snowfall is expected in the mountains.

The highest daily temperature will be between -1 °C and 3 °C, in the south up to 8 °C.

On Tuesday, January 16, the morning will be cold with some frost and moderate cloudiness. Fog is possible along the riverbeds. During the day will be warmer, and southern wind is also possible.

On Wednesday, January 17, light rain is expected in the south and west of our country. Rainfall is also expected in the middle of the day. There will be some snowfall and rain on the mountains in the afternoon hours as well. Sleet and damp snow are possible in the evening hours.

The maximum morning temperature will be between 6 °C and 13 °C. During the day is expected slight cool down and the minimum air temperature will be between -1 °C and 3 °C, and around -3 °C in higher areas.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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