KfW Approved to EP B&H a Grant in the Amount of 1.42 Million KM

kfwGerman development bank KfW approved a grant for Elektroprivreda B&H  to finance technical assistance for the projects HE “Kovanići” HE “Janjići” and Vjetropark Podveležje” in the total amount of 1.42 million euro.

850. 000 euros are planned for the construction of HE Kovanići” from the total amount. The fund will be used to prepare a feasibility study, which includes a preliminary assessment of the impact on the environment and executing the necessary geological and other research works. If the study shows that the project is justified, KfW is ready to give loans under favorable conditions for the construction of hydroelectric power plants.

 170.000 euros is allocated to assess the environmental and social impacts and to perform research zero state fauna of the project HE Janjići”.

For the project Vjetropark Podveležje” the amount of 400.000 euros is approved, intended to explore the zero state movement of birds and bats at the project location of Vjetropark which involves the collection of data during 12 months.

 German development bank KfW has already approved a loan of 65 million euros for the construction of VP Podveležje”.

(Source: Fena)


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