If you kept Books, Clothes, Furnaces, or Uniforms from the War give them to the Museum

In case you saved some of the material from the period 1992-1995 and you want to exhibit these items publicly, you should sign up for the public call that was announced by the Fond of Memorials of Canton Sarajevo.

In the announced public call from the Fund was noted that everyone interested can send their items or items of their beloved ones to the Memorial Complex of Tunnel D-B in order to contribute to the formation of museum collection.

“Did you keep books, clothes, footwear, cards for food, improvised furnaces, permits for passing through the Tunnel D-B, uniforms, emblems, flags? Do you remember why you did it? Do you remember the feeling that you are doing something important, that you are documenting your own experience of the world? Did you ever wish to exhibit these objects publicly? You are probably thinking that no one today is interested in what was your life like in the period 1992-1995? You are also maybe thinking that your things are not worth showing, that they are rusty and they should be thrown into a garbage can? You are wrong,” as stated in the text of a public call with the message that” everything that collects dust in your basements can be a cultural wealth for generations to come and that things that are not used do not have any value”.

Everyone is invited to share this public call with their friends and let them know if there is anyone who is willing to donate their things. The offices of the Memorial Fund will be opened for everyone interested in the period from 10 AM to 2 PM, on every working day.

If you are not able to deliver your things personally, they are willing to come and take them. You can also contact them by caling following phone numbers: 033 / 778-673 and 778-675 every working day from 10 AM to 2 PM, or by sending them an email on: info@tunelspasa.ba or via their Facebook page.

(Source: klix.ba)



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