Kenan Krakovic selected into one of the most selective Research Programs in the World!

Kenan Krakovic one of the student scholars of Bosnia and Herzegovina Futures Foundation has been selected into one of the most selective research programs in the world: the Amgen Scholars Program. This program selects the most outstanding students from all over the world to participate in first-hand research experience during summer.

Host institutions for this program in Europe are Cambridge University, Karolinska Institute Stockholm, ETH Zurich, LMU Munich and Pasteur Institute from Paris.

Kenan will spend his summer at the Royal Caroline Institute (Karolinska Institute), one of the world’s leading institutions for medical research, home to 5 Nobel Prize winners for Physiology and Medicine.

Kenan’s research will be oriented toward molecular genetics of psychiatric disorders, and following the two month research-intensive period, all participants of Amgen Scholars Program will present their work at a traditional APS Symposium in September of 2019, held on Cambridge University.

 “This program is what I dreamed about for the past six months. Come to think of it, it took a dose of courage to apply, knowing that only the most ambitious students from entire world apply, and less than 5% of students get selected. I’ve invested extra efforts to make my application as strong as possible, but it is still kind of surreal to believe it actually happened. I owe a lot to the foundation for changing my mentality and making me believe I can actually do it. Without that change and valuable advice from the Foundation’s board, especially Tatjana and Eddie, I would not even thought of applying. So here’s one big thank you to all that BH Futures Foundation represents, it changes lives” says Kenan.

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