Kavazović: Let the Light Fill Every Tiny Bit of Our Country and all The Places in Which Our Good People Live

June 28, 2014 5:30 PM

husein kavazovicAccording to the Taqween of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina, yesterday after the sundown prayer, the blessed month of Ramadan began.

Reis Kavazović sent a message on the occasion of the Month of Ramadan in which he recommended to all Muslim men and women to open their hearts and souls, to let the light in, and “let the light dissolve deposits of brutality and coldness in us, light a sparkle of belief and obedience, let it move the waves of tenderness and compassion for the nearest and dearest, and to those in need.”


“Let the light fill every tiny bit of our country and all the places in which our good people live! Let the darkness of inhumanity leave everyone and humanity and solidarity shine. Let us use this Ramadan energy to strengthen and consolidate our strength to do good and spread the good,” said Reis Kavazović.


He recalled that many of our families will spend this Ramadan in shared accommodation, with their relatives and friends, or in their uninhabitable, flooded and landslides threatened homes and “their perception of Ramadan will not be the same as ours, who are spared of the temptation of losing our homes.“


To all of people in our homeland and abroad I wish happy and mild days of Ramadan. Ramadan Sheriff Mubarak Olsun,” was said in the Ramadan greeting Reisu-l-ulema of the Islamic Community in Bosnia and Herzegovina Husein ef. Kavazović.


(Source:  Fena)

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