Kavaz: We developed Device that will help Visually Impaired People with Movement

kavazThat BiH has sons that it can be proud of proof proved young innovator, born in Zenica, and an employee of Energoinvest, Almedin Kavaz.

He and his colleagues from the Faculty of Electrical Engineering developed a device that will facilitate the movement of visually impaired people if they find the support of investors!

“The device used 3D sound technology and a mobile app allows visually impaired people to move without a white cane or guide,” stated Kavaz.

The prototype device was tested by the young man Mustafa Mehic Mujce, who is known to ran Sarajevo half marathon, and as Kavaz noted, it got positive reviews.

“He was delighted, which shows us that we did a good job. But, we need the money in order to further advance our innovation. Of course, further research in the sense to provide additional options that the device offers, and it will take years of work to get us out on a market,” explained Kavaz.

He will present the patent, together with 12 other teams from all over BiH, on Saturday at the first congress “Technology and Innovation for a Brighter Future.”

“This is a great opportunity that is given to students and young engineers probably once in a lifetime, to present their ideas to leading investors in order to get some concrete support. I hope that we will be among them,” said Kavaz.

It is also important to note that this is not his first innovative project. He was also part of the “Solar tree” in March 2016. It is the metal structure that looks like a tree, with a height of 4.5 meters and that has 10 solar panels at the top and power of each of them 80 W, so the total installed capacity of autonomous photovoltaic system amounts to 800 W.

Solar tree was installed within University Campus and it allows charging of devices such as cell phones and laptops on the basis of solar energy.

(Source: faktor.ba)

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