Karamazov, Tadić, Leb i sol at Baščaršijska Nights

DV020_Jpg_Jumbo_512120.010_naturalThe 18th “Baščaršijske noći” will be held from 1-21 July in Sarajevo.

The associate for programs at the JU “Sarajevo Art” Goran Rašić said today at a press conference that there would be a total of 15 programs.

“This year, even thought the festival of Baščaršijske noći will be shorter, we will maintain the quality of the program’’, said Rašić.

He singled out the performance of guitarist Edin Karamazov on 5 July, followed by a concert by “Leb I Sol” on 7 July, the play “Ja Mahalac” that is scheduled for 8 July, as well as the concert by guitarist Miroslav Tadić that will be held on 21 July.

“We tried to have a very varied program this year as well, to maintain the quality of the festival’’, said Rašić and added that the entrance to most of the programs will continue to be free, and that selected programs will have a symbolic ticket price.

Midhat Efendira, the Acting Director of the Public Institution “Sarajevo Art”, who is the Executive Director of the Festival, said that they were in doubt whether the festival would be held due to various reductions in terms of finance of Sarajevo Canton.

“We succeeded to find funds and thanks to the government of Sarajevo Canton, Sarajevo Canton Assembly and the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Canton Sarajevo and we can hold this festival’’, said Efendira.

The Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Sport of Canton Sarajevo Dragan Vujmilović said that this is a very important manifestation that has its traditional character and that enables citizens and visitors to Sarajevo to enjoy the program in an original atmosphere.

(Source: klix.ba)

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