Kamenica Bridge: The War-time Crossing over the Neretva River and Symbol of Mostar


Kamenica Bridge had large significance in the most difficult times during the war in Mostar, and today it represents just a concrete monument of war in Neretva River, but it is also a subject of different initiatives for its reconstruction.

Mostar only had the Old Bridge in the summer of 1992, when it was the only crossing across the Neretva River. Since the reconstruction of destroyed bridges was impossible due to war conditions, people started with realization of alternative solutions.

Kamenica Bridge was constructed in the winter of 1992 and it was officially opened on March 6, 1993. This bridge connected two eldest settlements of Mostar, Donja Mahala and Luka. Four concrete pillars were connected by cords, and the space between was filled with wooden flooring. Kamenica was not as beautiful as other Mostar bridges, but it meant life in those years.

“Back then, two other bridges downstream the Old Bridge were constructed as well, namely Tenzin Bridge next to the school in Mahala, and the bridge on Pletenica River. Kamenica Bridge really meant a lot back then, it served for the transportation of food, wounded people, military equipment…but Neretva often jeopardised it,” noted Pasic.

He also recalled the after-war love story of a young man from Tekija who used to visit his girlfriend from Mahala by crossing the Neretva River every night just over the cable that was placed on Kamenica.

Mostar and bridges are really inseparable. Mostar has a bridge in its very name, and all ideas about bridges in Mostar are more than interesting.

(Source: R. D./Klix.ba)

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