K-1 Fighters from Sarajevo in September will have a Match in Slovenia

boksSlovenian Terme Catez on Sunday 8th September will host the match called “K-1 Open Challenger“, and four fighters from K.B.S. Champion” will represent Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Although almost established, K.B.S. Champion” from Sarajevo has already achieved remarkable results in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in September will send its representative to the K-1 Open Challengerin Slovenia.

Nerdin Fejzović and Rasim Bašić from the club “Champion” will perform at the K-1 Open Challenger“, which will be organized by Thai boxing club Brežice”. Fejzović, who is from earlier a member of the club Champion“, will fight against Mitja Puhek in the category up to 63 kg, while the young Bašić will combat against Greg Smole in the category up to 75 kg.

Besides, Fejzović and Bašić for the performance in Slovenia is expected the confirmation for Ermin Lugan and Anel Macić. A new member of the “Champion” is Bojan Bekonja.

The coach of Champion” Haris Radmilović stated the satisfaction for the arrival of two famous fighters in their team, Rasim Bašić and Bojan Bekonja, and they are planing to bring another young fighter who is a world champion in his category. He is from Montenegro, and his name will soon published.


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