Josip Majstorović broke the Fishermen’s Record!

josip-majstorovic-saran-696x456The BiH town of Grude is proud of Josip Majstorović, Vlado Šimić and Goran Miloš who brought their municipality the first place in the International Carp Cup in Pelagićevo and thus achieved the status of some of the best fishermen in this part of Europe, given that they were the closest runner ups according to the caught carps. Majstorović is also the new record holder in BiH in terms of caught carp.

Competitors from many European countries, including Austria, Hungary, Romania, Slovenia and Croatia, arrived to Pelagićevo to catch carps. The Pelagićevo Lake left many of them breathless, and since the competition lasted for a couple of days many tourists came to see what is going on in that municipality.

The team from Grude was led by Majstorović, Šimić and Miloš, members of the Association of Sports Fishermen “Grass Carp”, led by Majstorović. Over the past several years, this association has been an example for environmental preservation, with a number of implemented actions of cleaning, restocking, and landscaping.

Their hard work and efforts brought them gold at the International Carp Cup in Pelagićevo. The team from Grude caught the unbelievable 608 kilograms of fish and left two Austrian teams far behind, by nearly 400 kilograms.

“On the last day of competition, a signal appeared on the right rod, followed by a long fight and uncertainty with the fish – a carp which weighted 36,540 kilograms, which is the record in BiH,” said Josip Majstorović, the lucky fisherman and record holder.

The team from Grude thanked the hosts for professionalism and pleasant welcome. They ended the competition with 32 carps which weighted 19 kilograms on average.

(Source: focus.ba)

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