The Joint Project of Henkel, Bingo and Eco Life: “Together for Clean BiH Waters”

henkelHenkel and Bingo announced yesterday at a press conference their engagement in the project of social significance, which aims at cleaning the Bosna River in the vicinity of Zenica.

One of the important goals of this project is cooperation with local associations engaged in water protection and professional organizations that will participate in the implementation of the project, but also work with the authorities of local government, creating a network of collaborators in the project area that will act after its completion with the aim of long-term protection of the river Bosna and the surrounding region.

The implementation of the project “Together for Clean BiH Waters” and the cleaning action is scheduled for spring 2015 and will be implemented in cooperation with the Association for Preservation and Protection of the Underwater World GUAWAA of the famous diver Kristian Curavić. The company for management of packaging waste Eco Life Tuzla will ensure that all waste is properly disposed of, in accordance with legal regulations.

We invite all citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in this project by purchasing Persil and Somat products at BINGO stores in the period from 1 November to 31 December 2014.

“Caring for the environment is one of the most important determinants of social responsibility at Henkel. In accordance with these values, we have initiated a project of cleaning the river Bosna, with the aim of raising awareness of the need to preserve the purity of our rivers. This is just one small step, but it is our desire that such cleaning campaigns continue and to engage as many people because concern for the environment is our common responsibility,” Miranda Mladin, marketing manager of Henkel Laundry & Home Care for the Adria region, said at the presentation of the proejct.

Also the retail chain Bingo gladly joined the project.

“In the past 20 years we have really had excellent cooperation with the company Henkel. Bingo, as a socially responsible company, and Henkel, as an environmentally conscious giant that takes into account that the products marketed are environmentally friendly, can realize such a project, which aims to raise environmental awareness,” said Tatjana Paunoski, PR manager for Bingo.

The company Eco life will make sure that all waste is disposed of in an acceptable manner.

“Many of us have witnessed the natural disasters that hit us and that showed that the nature returned all our carelessness and disregard that we give to it. That is why we are pleased to have become a partner in such a great project through which we will fix at least part of that negligence,” said Lidija Tomić, Manager of Eco life.



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