Joint Iftar and Dinner for 2,000 People prepared in Tuzla

Around 2,000 citizens attended joint iftar/dinner at the Square of Freedom in Tuzla.

The traditional iftar in the open was organized by Majlis of the Islamic Community in Tuzla with the support of the City Administration, the Government of Canton Tuzla, businesses, associations, organizations and individuals.

“We are preparing joint iftar at the Square of Freedom in Tuzla for the fourth consecutive year. Our intention is to share the joy of Ramadan and iftar with our fellow citizens. Also, we wanted to share the iftar with people with a Ramadan program. All of this is taking place in a nice tone and the message of coexistence, because we invited representatives of all religious communities in Tuzla,” said the main Imam of the Majlis of the Islamic Community in Tuzla, Ahmed ef. Huskanovic.

Every year, during the month of Ramadan, the Majlis of the Islamic Community in Tuzla is organizing numerous religious and humanitarian activities, and this holy Muslim month is no excuse.

“It is very important for us to have a large number of youth gatherings. We are organizing regular individual iftars in almost every jamat, and we are also trying to be socially sensitive. Therefore, we share a certain number of packages for socially vulnerable categories in each of our units ” stated Huskanovic.

Special programs will take place for Mubarak nights (special nights in Islam), and the central ceremony for Laylat al-Qadr will take place in the King Abdulah Mosque in Tuzla.

(Source: A. K./Klix.ba)


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