Joint Concert of Children from BiH, Serbia and Croatia held in Srebrenica

Participants of the first regional “Srebrenica Music Camp” were 150 children from BiH, Serbia and Croatia, and they held a joint concert last night in the full hall of the Cultural Center in Srebrenica.

The joint children orchestra performed several music tunes of different genres, and after that followed the performance of joint choir that gathered more than a hundred children of different ages from Srebrenica, Bratunac, Belgrade, Nis, Zagreb and Pula.

One of the conductors was the artistic director of “the Vienna Boys’ Choir”, Gerald Virt.

Ismar Poric, the art director of the “House of Good Tones” from Srebrenica, who hosted the camp, thanked all the children for their great dedication to music and program of the camp, everyone who helped its maintenance, as well as to the music experts who worked on preparing children for this concert.

He also noted that this was just the beginning and that their cooperation will be further expanded.

The six-day long regional music camp in Srebrenica will finish today, and it was organized thanks to the support of the fund “Open Society of BiH” and the organization “Peasants helping the peasants” from Austria, which finances the work of music school and a choir in the House of Good Tones.








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