Johannes Hahn spoke about the Report of BiH

johannesThe European Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policy Johannes Hahn, pointed out that there are many challenges in front of BiH. Hahn spoke about the report of BiH at a meeting of the European Parliament last night.

“The report confirms progress in terms of reforms implemented by BiH, as well as the implementation of the reform agenda and commitment to further reforms. In front of BiH there are new challenges that have to be addressed. The BiH authorities must give coherent answers to the questions asked by the European Commission. This is a key assumption and the basis for the functioning of the coordination mechanism. I welcome all efforts to strengthen the rule of law, “said Hahn.

He pointed out that Brussels has no authority to interfere in the internal organization of the country, referring to the discussion of “federalization” of BiH

“The EU does not have the power to define the internal organization of BiH, as long as the country meets the EU regulations. Discrimination due to ethnicity is not allowed,” said Hahn.

Christian Dan Preda, European Parliament rapporteur said that the statement by Milorad Dodik, president of Republika Srpska, caused serious tensions.

“Statements by the President of the RS pose a great threat to the peace and stability of the country. The fact is that people want to move forward towards the Europe, but a whole range of things that need to be done remain,” Preda said.



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