Jobs for 90 People in Zvornik

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAt the Zvornik Municipality in the near future 90 people will be hired, thanks to the implementation of the three projects of the Employment Service of the RS, said the head of the Zvornik Employment Bureau Goran Petrović.

These projects support employment andself-employmentof childrenof murdered soldiers,war veteransandunemployeddemobilized soldiers‘Work Together‘, support forsafety nets andemployment andsupport for employmentin the economy,” said Petrović.

For 29 employers and 16 entrepreneurs today decisions on the allocation of funds for employment and self-employment was delivered, which separates the Employment Service of the RS.

For the implementation of  this project, the Institute will allocate 28,000 KM, and the municipality of Zvornik 12,000 KM.

The Mayor of Zvornik, Zoran Stevanović said that local government annually allocates between 90,000 and 100,000 KM for subsidizing new employment.

“We spent part of these funds this year to finance the recruitment of eight trainees who came among families of the former soldiers, and six of the administrative services, while 14 are trainees recruited through co-financing with the Department of Employment,” said Stevanović.

Registered at the Zvornik Employment Bureau are about 5,000 persons who are actively looking for a job, and about 3,000 persons who are registered for the realization of other rights.

(Source: Nezavisne novine)


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