Jobs for 30 Experts in Agricultural Cooperatives in the RS

vlada rsA minimum of 30 highly educated people will get a job in agricultural cooperatives, and the RS government at yesterday’s session decided that it would finance their net salaries for one year.

The funds for the recruitment of new professional staff in agricultural cooperatives will be provided under the project of employment in agriculture in the RS this year. The RS government accepted the information on the need to obtain 3.000 high-quality breeding heifers for the needs of registered agricultural producers from this BiH entity.

“With the supply and distribution of quality breeding heifers in the RS, or genetically superior cattle, the production would increase for a minimum of 18 million liters of milk a year and meat of 1.500 calves, which would reduce the need to import materials for feeding’’, said in a statement from the RS government.

Information was adopted on the harvesting of small grains and proposed incentives for the purchase of wheat crops.

(Source: Nezavisne Novine)

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