Job Opportunities in the IT Industry for 50 Intelligent Bosnians

BITCamp (Klix)Three months after starting of an educational program for software development called BIT Camp, it has become a synonym for a new beginning in the IT industry for intelligent and hardworking people, regardless of their prior knowledge, announced the BIT Camp.

In the first generation of scholarships given by the BIT Camp, there are mechanical engineer, painter, mathematician, political scientist, pharmacist, economist, archaeologist, architect and TV presenter – people from 20 to 40 years and from all over BiH. A large number of these people, before signing the BIT Camp and despite their intelligence, spent many years at the Employment Office. Today they are convinced that they made the right decision and that BIT Camp pushes limits of their capacities and step out to the job of their dreams.

One of the scholarship recipients, Haris Krkalic said:

“When I applied for the BIT Camp, I realized that it is an ideal opportunity which will provide me an adequate knowledge in order to be employed in a leading IT company in BiH. I think that the BIT Camp is the place where intelligent people can start over again. BIT Camp will definitely be the most attractive way of IT education and the best way for a young persons, regardless of their past, to start a brilliant career”.

Experts from BIT Alliance says that from the past experience, they realized that there are many intelligent people in BiH. For instance, people like Haris, who did not have the opportunity to acquire adequate knowledge with classical education system.

BITCamp (Tuzlanski)“When we enrolled the first generation of students in BIT Camp, we wanted to create an education that will provide the knowledge with which immediately when they finish, they can get a job in the IT industry. It is because of such people that we have the obligation to continue and provide the same opportunity to all the hardworking and intelligent Bosnians” said Damir Ibrisimovic, the president of the Association of BIT Alliance founded by six leading IT companies from BiH (Atlantbh, Authority Partners, DevLogic, Green River Media, PING and Zira).

Thanks to the support of donors who have recognized the value of BIT Camp, all successful candidates will receive a scholarship of 7000 BAM, but it will be expected to pay one part of the costs to prove the motivation for participation in the program.

The program of the BIT Camp is for six months sharing knowledge and skills according to the needs of the IT industry and for final goal is to have a job in the States BIT Alliance. Information about BIT Camp can be found on the official website:

BIT Camp is supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), and in cooperation with the project MarketMakers supported by the Swiss government and the International University of Sarajevo (IUS).


(Source: bitcamp)

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