Jewish baby boom in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

babyboomThe Jewish community in Bosnia and Herzegovina became more numerous with new 10 infants. For this small community, it is a unique “baby boom”. According to Eli Tauber, cultural and religious counselor for the Jewish Community of Bosnia and Herzegovina, in 2015, for the first time in the last 20 years, the Jewish community has become richer by adding 10 new members.

“Happy parents are married couples who have recently returned to Sarajevo and started families”, said Tauber, adding that this is a real baby boom as the number of newborns in the Jewish community wasn’t ever before larger than two or three per year.

The Jewish community in B&H has 1,050 members, of which 700 live in Sarajevo.

“The number of young people is about 100, and they represent the future of the Jewish community in our country”, said Tauber, pointing out that a lot of effort is being made to keep the youth in B&H.

The Humanitarian organization La Benovalencija stimulates the lives of young Jews in various ways in an attempt to keep them in B&H. “Within this project, we offer student scholarships, employment of youth, and care of socially vulnerable cases. The new organization Hagad was also established, with the goal to promote Jewish culture and community in B&H”, added Tauber.


(Source: faktor.ba)

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