Jasenko Osmic is the Guardian of BH Tradition in the US

Jasenko Osmic, as he likes to say, grew up on burek pie (traditional meat pie) in BiH, and now he is a co-owner of a shop where Bosnian pies are sold in Phoenix (the USA). For ten years now, Jasenko is successfully managing this business with his father and his sister since there is a great interest for traditional BH food in the United States.

“We lived in BiH until the year of 1997 and we were making burek pie in our house that whole time. We decided to continue this tradition in the United States, since we are preparing burek pie in our shop in the same way as in our house in BiH. That is very important for us. You will get mostly dough in other places, but you will enjoy every bite of filled burek pie in our shop. The difference is large,” said Osmic.

They are selling bread, pretzels, baklava and other desserts, as well as several other types of pies in their shop. For example, the price of a piece of zeljanica pie (pie made of spinach) amounts to 5.75 USD.

Osmic’s are the only employees in this shop are they are making all of the products by themselves. According to them, this requires hours and hours of hard work and great concentration.

“You need a lot of strength and determination, because you might still have a pastry and a pan in front of you even after nine long hours of hard work,” said Jasenko Osmic.

Burek pie, according to Osmic, is one of the most important and most common dishes in BiH.

“In BiH, you can eat burek for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is practically a meal for every part of the day,” said Osmic.


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