Jasenko Hadzic: From War Refugee to Entrepreneur

Jasenko Hadzic left his hometown Kljuc as a five year-old boy and later became very successful in Denmark as a young Bosnian.

Jasenko was born back in 1987 in the town of Kljuc and he was just a five-year-old boy when he left our country with his parents and younger sister. They decided to start a new life in Denmark, which provided shelter to war refugees from the territory of former Yugoslavia back then.

He has been a great fan of numbers, and he was always gladly solving mathematical formulas. This passion directed him towards further education, and thus he graduated from the field of mathematics and statistics, and he obtained his master degree from the field of finance and economics. Now he is 31 years old and he owns his personal company. Jasenko is the co-founder and director of the company “Tame”, which was started as a startup, and it is aimed at making it easier for people to organize their events.

He stated that the results were promising right after the launch of this project, and that largely motivated him and their entire team. He also added that more than 50 countries got registered in just two days after the site was laucnhed, and that number is recording constant increase, so that number is expected to exceed 100 by the end of the month of May.

“We have a total of 12 employees, eight of them work in the IT sector as developers, two of them work as designers, and the last two are working in the department of sales and marketing. It is interesting to say that we are multinational. We have a combination of three countries, two of our employees are originally from Denmark, one employee is from BiH and one of them is from Lithuania,” said Jasenko.

He also noted that the event organization is currently one of the most stressful jobs in the whole world and that managers are using modern technology in order to perform this demanding work in the best way possible.

He also added that he believes that BiH is a country in which we can make some large and important changes, and that he is even thinking about returning to our country soon and giving his contribution with all of his knowledge, experience and other capabilities.

When it comes to his plans, Jasenko said that he is planning to make a global leader from his company that will have more than 1,000 workers. In that way, he added, they will expand and continue hiring people from our region.

At the end, Jasenko sent a message to all people, especially young ones, to believe in their dreams and to be persistent in their attempts to make their dreams come true. He also stated that hard work and good discipline are very important for the success.

(Source: A. B./Klix.ba)




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