Jala and Buba Corelli made a Spectacle!

jalaPopular Sarajevo rappers Amar Hodzic, better known as Buba Corelli, and Jasmin Fazlic Jala held a joint concert in My Face, and made an unforgettable atmosphere for all fans of rap.

Buba Corelli and Jala have performed together before, but they organized a special atmosphere for My Face.

Frankie and Juice completed the concert, and everyone enjoyed their hits.

Buba Corelli is representative of the hip hop underground scene, and many consider him as one of the most controversial in our region.

Jasmin Fazlic Jala is part of the musical team that will represent BiH at the Eurovision song contest in May in Stockholm, when he will perform the song “Love is all” together with Dalal Midhat, Deen and Ana Rucner.

(Source: klix.ba)

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