Jajce: Scholarships assigned to 191 Students

JajceThe official signing of contracts on scholarships of students who acquired the right on the scholarship for the school year 2014/ 2015 on the competition of the Municipality Jajce, was signed yesterday.

Mayor of the municipality Jajce, Edin Hozan, signed contracts with 191 students. This is the tenth consecutive year that the funds from the budget of the Municipality are allocated for scholarship for good and successful students from the area of the municipality Jajce.

In the last nine years, almost 1.100.000 BAM were allocated from the budget of the Municipality of Jajce for providing scholarships for pupils and students.

42 freshmen, 41 sophomores, 42 third-year students, 44 fourth-year students and 22 fifth-year students acquired right on the scholarship in the amount of 100 BAM per year for 10 school months.

With sincere congratulations for scholarship recipients, Mayor of the Municipality of Jajce emphasized that the wish of the Municipality is to, on this way as well, give support to knowledge and education and wished students to invest their acquired knowledge in the development of their environment.

(Source: novovrijeme.ba)

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