Jahorina Film Festival Brings more than 80 Environmental and Tourism Films

jahorina film festivalOf about 170 submitted films there are selected 85 from 25 countries. This year for the first time, apart from Pale, some projections will be held even in Sarajevo at the Bosnian Cultural Center and at the Jewish municipality.

Member of the International Jury Ratko Orozović announced at today’s press conference in Sarajevo that the largest number of films 27 of them, came from Serbia, nine from B&H and Macedonia, eight from Austria, while there are even creations from other countries, such as Azerbaijan, Russia and Ukraine.

This is the first project that the two cities managed to finish together. But this is just the beginning of many other projects in the field of the environment that the two cities have in plan“, said Mirko Despić, director of the festival, while quoting a sentence of one environmental activist: “we are all to each other up and down the river“.

In addition to raising public environmental awareness, the goal of the festival is to preserve peace and political stability.

The boundaries of entities have not been an obstacle for the organization of the festival in which there are participating cities of Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, the Fund for Environmental Protection of the RS and the Federation, the Ministry of Environment of both entities.

France pays considerable attention to preserving and protecting the environment and that this is something that we must preserve for our children and future generations. We were able to develop an environmental policy not only at the state level, but also through the support of regional and local communities. Important segment in the environmental projects is their economic viability, and in this sense, the region of Ille de France with Sarajevo started the project of waste management“, said Ambassador Gilles, emphasizing the importance of the fact that this festival connects Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, arguing that such project linking is one of the preconditions of the accession into the EU.

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