Jahorina: 150.000 Overnight Stays achieved for Three Months

jahorinaIn the first quarter on Jahorina, 150.000 overnight stay have been achieved, and the majority of visitors was from BiH, as said by the spokeswoman of the Olympic center “Jahorina“, Ivana Lizdek. He stated that, during the winter season, there were guests from BiH, then from Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro and Slovenia.

“If we exclude the region, then the majority of guest was from Turkey, Poland, Hungary and Russia“, said Lizdek. Reminding that the winter season started on 27th December. Lizdek said that until now, there were 100 qualitative skiing days.

“Counting only skiers in the Olympic center “Jahorina“, there were 1.205.000 rides with the vertical transport, while 83.000 ski passes were sold, from daily ones to the several days“, emphasized Lizdek.

“Talking about plans for the further period. Lizdek stated that the summer is provided for sports camps, working games, seminars, schools in nature, sports training, while programs for individuals are developing. He said that panoramic cable car rides were provided in this summer as well, and that bicycle racks were also purchased, so all lovers of this sport will be able to enjoy the ride down the mountain roads.




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