Izetbegovic: The Situation is becoming very Serious and I expect Growth in Number of Coronavirus Cases

”The situation is becoming very serious and I expect growth. The number of infected is growing every day. The countries of the region are breaking bad records. I assume that a similar scenario awaits us, the general director of the Clinical Centre University of Sarajevo,” prof. dr. Sebija Izetbegovic.

He adds that there are currently 52 patients in Podhrastovi isolation ward, of which 8 are in intensive care.

”One hundred KCUS employees have been assigned to work in Podhrastovi, which is a point of our infectious disease clinic, which means that they cannot do their regular jobs. Over 3,000 patients, who need our service, pass through the KCUS triage tents every day. With regular sick leave and vacations, there is now a problem with the Covid positives and those who have had contact so they have to go into self-isolation. At the moment, we have about 30 positives and 17 in self-isolation, which means a total of 47 out of work due to COVID-19,” Izetbegovic points out, Avaz reports.

It is known that KCUS is the only institution in Canton Sarajevo that treats patients with COVID-19, but also provides tertiary and secondary health care.

”We have been working with this regime since January 31, 2020, and people are getting tired. I did not use the vacation at all, some of my associates did, but a small number of days. We work seriously and dedicatedly to help the sick. There is a huge pressure on KCUS. As the situation unfolds we will adjust. If the number of patients with COVID-19 is extremely increased, of course, there may be a collapse in the health system. The penetration of the virus among employees is the greatest danger. Then it doesn’t matter how many and which medicines and devices you have, if there are no ones that manage it,” warns the general director of KCUS.

She asked the citizens to wear masks properly and constantly, respect the physical distance, wash their hands often and ventilate the spaces in which they stay.

”Together we can do a lot in terms of preventing a sudden jump in number of new coronavirus cases. So far we have managed the situation quite well,” she concluded.

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