Izetbegović Received B&H Basketball Association

Izetbegovic-B.-1Member of B&H Presidency Bakir Izetbegović received yesterday the General Secretary of the B&H Basketball Association Harun Mahmutović, coach of the B&H team Aleksandar Petrović and captain of the team Mirza Teletović.

Mahmutović informed Izetbegović on the activities and results of the B&H Basketball Association in all selections.

He pointed out a new approach to working with younger teams, which are now in larger number gathering young basketball players from all over B&H.

The result of this approach is that the cadet and junior representations are found among the 16 best in Europe.

Coach Aleksandar Petrović and captain Mirza Teletović expressed their belief that they are ready for good results at the next European Championship, and that they would give it their all to present our country once again in the best possible light.

Izetbegović expressed satisfaction with the achieved results of the B&H Basketball Association and all selections, and emphasized the role and importance of sport in society, especially in promoting the state of B&H.

Izetbegović wished the B&H team much success at the next European Championship in Slovenia, announced the B&H Presidency.

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