Izetbegovic: Dodik’s Allegations about Separation can only lead to War

On Saturday night, Bakir Izetbegovic said that there was no progress in the negotiations on the Election Law as long as Dragan Covic was pursuing a blackmail policy, and he also referred to the renewed tension by Milorad Dodik.

When asked by the host of the Federal Television to comment on the letter of the member of the presidency, Zeljko Komsic sent to the European Union (EU), Izetbegovic said that he agreed with everything he said, but that he would not act so harshly.

“Such relation with me and Covic cannot give any result, I do not want to reject something, I am trying, I am offering some things, but we have an inter-department group that is just being formed, we have a request from the State Department to involve the Presidency more strongly,” told Izetbegovic.

The president of the SDA pointed out that “there is no progress” in the negotiations with Covic since his positions are very different and that he is not willing to negotiate anymore.

“We do not want Mr. Covic and HDZ to tell us that we will not get a government, we will not get a Constitutional Court until we meet their demands. They cannot talk to the SDA like that nor the SDA will negotiate in this way. Let them appoint two ministers, then we can move on,” Izetbegovic emphasized.

Apart from that, he said that there would be no agreement if the asymmetry between the House of Peoples of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) and the Council of Peoples of Republika Srpska (RS) is not removed, because the mentioned institutions, in his opinion, can only protect vital national interests and the SDA will insist on that until the end.

He called for the opposition to be included in the negotiations and emphasized that the international community was too “soft”.

“We are asking the international community to act in a more harsh way, they are too soft, the international community has allowed convicted war criminals to be rewarded in this country, they must stand more firmly behind the principles they proclaim,” Izetbegovic stated.

When it comes to Dodik’s claims that RS will become an independent state and that it is realistic to happen for Herceg-Bosnia (Herceg-Bosna) as well, Izetbegovic noted that “it will never happen, such statements can only provoke war, and as far as Herceg-Bosna is concerned, it is not mentioned anymore, the third entity is not even mentioned by the HDZ “, Klix.ba writes.

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