Ivantsov: Inter-entity Line is a Technical Issue, No Need for Politicization


The Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Bosnia-Herzegovina, Petr Ivantsov, believes that the High Representative in BiH, Valentin Inzko, is an obstacle to reaching a compromise and decision-making in the country, and that with his statements he is heating up a rather complicated situation.

We believe that all internal issues of Bosnia-Herzegovina, concerning relations between entities, political options and parties in the country, should be resolved between the parties inside the country – Ivancov told “Voice of Srpska”, commenting on Inzko’s message to Republika Srpska and its officials that they have crossed “red line” and that the possibility that he would use the Bonn powers.

He believes that many of today’s problems, as well as those that were and have led to the current situation, need to be addressed through a compromise of internal forces and forces within the country.

Ivantsov says that it is only natural and logical that the citizens and peoples of BiH should solve their problems on their own, without any influence from the outside.

Ivantsov said that no one denies that BiH is an independent and sovereign state, a member of a number of key international organizations aspiring to become a member of the European Union.

“One of those priorities and criteria necessary for the EU membership is the rule of law. One of the recommendations of the German independent legal expert Wolfgang Priebe in this context is the withdrawal of international judges from the Constitutional Court of BiH,” said Ivantsov.

Commenting on the fact that an inter-entity line has not been established, Ivancov stated that he does not see anything dramatic in what Republika Srpska is proposing, but that it is also an absolutely technical issue that does not need any politicization, Vijesti.ba news portal reports.



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