Ivanic on why he did not attend the Solemn Ceremony on the Occasion of “RS Day”

The Serbian member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), Mladen Ivanic, said that those who deny January 9th as “Republika Srpska (RS) Day” , should realize that it is a work that cannot have the result and that the Serbian people will always know to appreciate this date, since they got the institutions that will protect them and ensure its equality in BiH territory on that day.

Ivanic told journalists in Banja Luka before the solemn ceremony on the occasion of  “RS Day” that he was pleased to celebrate the 9th  January – the day when the RS was formed, which means a lot for all, since it is the day when institutions guaranteeing the equality of RS and Serbian people in this territory were founded.

“We should remember all of those who gave their lives for RS, members of the Army of  RS, the people who gave the something they really and truly could give – their lives, and I am very pleased to be able to mark this day, “ he said.

Answering the journalist question why he did not attend the solemn ceremony, Ivanic said that yesterday was a day to celebrate, and not to intentionally start any political conflicts.


(Source: Fokus.ba)

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