Italians produce more than a Million Footwear Parts in BiH every Year

The Italian company “Nuti Due” was founded back in 2007 in Rasavci near Prijedor and it is dealing with the production of lower parts of footwear.

“This is a great example of a successful investor in our area who started production with about twenty workers and a hall, and they already expanded their capacity twice. They are working on a surface of about 3,000 square meters of production and storage space and this company employs 160 regular and 40 season workers at the moment,” said Mayor of Prijedor, Milenko Djakovic.

He added that this is unique production in BiH, both regarding the quality and quantity.

“We work with them and other production plants, and they organized a discussion of topics regarding the arrangement of the space in which they work, as well as the problem of finding a market with the additional expansion of their production space,” noted Djakovic.

He also added that there was a lot of engagement to form a department for education of shoemakers in secondary schools in Prijedor.

“In the future, our principle will be based on the fact that companies that come here have a good education and training of the workforce in the plants that work outside of Prijedor in other countries, and then we will try to get all of that involved in Prijedor,” said Djakovic.

Marko Nuti, the owner of the company “Nuti Due”, stated that this company produces more than a million lower parts of footwear every year, which are then placed on both domestic and foreign markets.

“We are planning to expand our production and increase the number of our workers. We are currently exporting to Serbia, Germany, Austria, Italy and other countries in Europe and abroad. Due to the great offer, clients are now looking for a product that is very quality, precise and well-made. We strive to quality and quantity as well,” stated Nuti.





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