Italian Media writing about a Man from Siroki Brijeg


Since he got the title of one of the most famous bloggers in the world, Josip Grabovac from Siroki Brijeg constantly appears on the covers of Italian media.

“This award has turned my life upside down, since it is not so easy to appear in Italian media without a great and strong background, but they are constantly writing about my success. When you are coming from a small place in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and make this kind of fashion success is a big deal. Italy is not like BiH and Croatia, so that anyone can easily appear on the cover, since you can not pay, nor it is allowed to write anything here, you just have to work well. They even found some articles that were enough, so they decided to contact me for an interview, “ Josip said in a conversation for

He said that since he received the reward, new offers are constantly appearing in Italy as well as in Croatia.

“Now a great project is being prepared in Croatia with a title ‘My global fashion award ‘, where I will be a participant. I was honored for three years of work in a global sense from Croatia, but now, as many good offers have begun, I have to move to the world fashion center – Milan, “ said Josip, explaining how this is a great turning point in his life.

Josip was a guest of many fashion events and the presentations of new collections of the popular brands.




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