Italy-Serbia Agreement on the use of Rivers in BiH out of Force


After Avaz newspapers published a text on a controversial agreement between Serbia and Italy that actually steals Bosnia and Herzegovina’s hydropower potential, BiH Presidency Chairman Zeljko Komsic met with Italian Ambassador to our country Nicola Minasi.

Minasi informed Chairman Komsic that at the time of concluding the international treaty, Italy intended to cooperate in the field of energy with several countries in the region, after laying the appropriate cable in the Adriatic Sea for the transfer of electricity, which created the preconditions for such forms of cooperation.

Minasi stressed that Italy’s initiative was aimed at creating a framework for cross-border co-operation to share electricity in the region between Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

When it was confirmed that a formula for participation in this project could not be found within BiH, contacts were terminated and no agreement entered into force. Thus, the funds made available for this joint project were diverted to other purposes. Komsic thanked Minasi for the information, especially from the point of view of respecting the Constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the competence of the relevant institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina to sign international agreements.


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