ISU B&H: Exchange Program of Students from B&H to Other Countries

studentiThe Association of Citizens of the Intercultural Encounters in B&H (ISU B&H), based in Sarajevo, is organizing an exchange program at the start of the new school year for students from B&H to other countries in the world in order to learn a new language, get to know a new culture and make new friends.

This is a nonprofit, non-governmental organization that is not politically and religiously tied and is based on volunteerism, which in cooperation with AFS is organizing international exchange programs of students and volunteers with the goal of improving intercultural learning and tolerance among young people.

In the past 10 years, ISU B&H, in cooperation with AFS, has been organizing participation in AFS once a year and three-month exchange programs abroad for 118 students from B&H, and since 2009 began the AFS program in hosting students from abroad to B&H, and until now has hosted 16 students from Brazil, Belgium, Czech Republic, Italy, Germany, Poland, USA and Turkey.

The AFS intercultural learning program provides participants the chance to discover and explore new cultures. Since 1947 until now, AFS enabled more than 425.000 students and young people to travel abroad and experience personal growth that last a lifetime.

This year, the international network AFS of volunteers will work with around 13.000 students that look forward to the exciting experience of intercultural learning, announced UG ISUB&H.

(Source: radiosarajevo.ba)

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