Issue of Military Property Important for B&H

atb i natoThe Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of B&H Ana Trišić-Babić met yesterday with the Commander of NATO Headquarters in B&H Merle D. Hart and his assistant Lieutenant Ole Asbjørn Fauske.

They spoke of the current status of B&H in the process of NATO integration and the construction of bases of civilian experts for peace building missions.

Trišić-Babić spoke to them of the current status of NATO integration process and expressed hope that the issue of perspective military property would be met in due time in order to activate the Membership Action Plan for NATO (MAP).

Hart said that the solution to this issue is very important, because with it B&H would receive an efficient mechanism of internal reform in matters of defense, economy, legal system and security, and would continue a positive dynamic in the region when it comes to reform and stabilization.

It was emphasized that B&H need to show that it is on the path to secure lasting stability and reform of the country for several reasons. The first reason is that B&H in this position would have the opportunity to continue with integration to the EU and NATO. In addition to that, a stable country is the first and basic condition for increasing foreign investments and would accelerate the economic development of the country.

They said that the entire region of Southeast Europe is moving in this direction and that B&H has to demonstrate a decisive will to continue the Euro Atlantic process.

It was said that B&H has shown that it could be a partner in providing security, as evidenced by the active participation in the ISAP operation in Afghanistan and that the building of a database system for peace building missions of NATO, UN and EU is one of the most important projects that is being realized by the B&H Ministry of Foreign Affairs, announced the B&H Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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