Boy Ismail Zulfic to receive the “Sarajevo Snowflake” Award

The City Council of the City of Sarajevo adopted the decision to award the “Sarajevo Snowflake” to Ismail Zulfic for his extraordinary achievement in competitions in the field of sport.

The City Council is giving this award to young people under 30 years of age and regular pupils and students from the city of Sarajevo, as well as individuals and groups who achieved great results in preservation and improvement of general social values, and within their curricular and extracurricular activities.

Ismail, who is also known as “Butterfly without wings”, was born without arms, and he entered the pool for the first time two years ago. Now he is swimming like a real professional.

He won numerous gold medals on competitions that were held both in BiH and the region. But he did not stop there. Last winter, he taught to ski as well.

The whole world wrote about BH Butterfly, as well as his friends who are members of SC Spid. The president of the club and coach Amel Kapo is helping them in their success.

At the end of last year, Zulfic was declared as the most promising BH athlete in the Selection of athletes of the year with people with disabilities, which was organized by the Sports Federation of Invalids of the FBiH.

Ismail is a real proof that both great will and inner strength can break all barriers, and that nothing is impossible if we just put a little effort in it.

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