Islamic Community and Merhamet prepared over Eight Thousand Meals for Migrants

The donation of the Islamic Community in the amount of 30,000 BAM enabled “Merhamet” to prepare and distribute 8,200 meals for migrants in the Una-Sana Canton (USK), primarily to those located on Vucijak, as well as migrants who were traveling through Tuzla.

Due to the great migration wave in the USK, the “Merhamet” Bihac Regional Committee has received 25,000 BAM from the total donation of the Islamic Community in BiH, of which it has prepared 6,500 meals which are daily distributed to migrants. At the same time, the Merhamet Regional Council of Tuzla prepared and distributed 1,700 meals.

We are honored that the Islamic Community has this time put its trust in” Merhamet “and that we have again helped migrants who have been temporarily sheltered in our country.

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