Isa-Bey’s Hammam opening the Doors soon?

Hammam to be Opened Soon bportal.baThe price will amount to 20 BAM per person, and it will include the usage of sauna, Jacuzzi, pool, showers, and hammam services.

The hammam of Isa-Bey’s Ishakovic, after it was completely destroyed during the past aggression on B&H, shined in full splendor five months ago.

With the help of Waqf Directorate, this facility of high historical, cultural, and architectural values was turned into a hotel in the Old Ottoman style, while a hammam modeled as it was several hundred years ago is located in the second part.

Although the hotel, which disposes with 12 rooms and two apartments, has been working for several months now, the hammam had not yet opened the doors for the first visitors.

“The final works are in progress, which should be completed in 7 to 10 days. Thereby we will soon finally open this traditional Turkish bath in a new light, to the great pleasure of all BH citizens and tourists”, said Hanka Altin, the employee in the hotel, and added that all guests are delighted with what they say, as well as they are eagerly awaiting the opening of the main part – the hammam.

There is no person who entered the Isa-Bey’s hotel without being left speechless.

“Everyone is delighted with handicrafts, old Bosnian and Persian carpets, and other details which have been completely done in Ottoman and old Bosnian style”, said Altin.

According to Altin, the hammam will soon be available to everyone, and as the tradition imposes, there will be separate appointments for men and women.

“Besides the guests of the hotel, the bath will be available to all citizens and tourists, and during the weekends Saturday will be reserved for women, Sunday for men, or vice versa”, said Altin.

Altin added that the price will amount to 20 BAM per person, which will include using the sauna, Jacuzzi, pools, showers, and the hammam itself. Traditional Turkish and other kinds of massages will not be included in the price.

Isa-Bey’s hammam is the first and the oldest public bath in Sarajevo. The main part of the hammam consisted of an octagonal room with the pool, changing room, and two steam rooms. The first room was heated to 35-40 degrees, and the other one to 40-45 degrees. Both rooms also had faucets and showers with hot and cold water.

The pool room was 6.4 meters wide and 8 meters high. Pool with a diameter of 3.6 meters and 1.2 meters of depth was in the center of the room. Hammam has been used in this form as a public bath for a long time.

(Source: bportal)

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