Irish low-cost airline RyanAir departed from Banja Luka to Frankfurt Hahn


The first plane of the Irish low-cost airline RyanAir departed on Monday morning from Mahovljani Airport near Banja Luka to Frankfurt Hahn, was confirmed to Glas Srpske from Republika Srpska Airports (RS Airports).

The RS Airports point out that the plane was quite full and recall that two routes were planned a week, on Mondays and Fridays. Tickets for this first flight are priced at 4.99 euros. The flight to Frankfurt Hahn from Banja Luka will take an hour and 15 minutes.

The director of Banja Luka Airport Milan Racic told Vecernje Novosti that a record number of passengers were transported with 150,000 passengers last year, and that the aim of the administration for this year is 200,000 passengers and three new destinations in Europe.

Racic said that the Airport has an average of two flights a day, and that the goal is to double that number and introduce even more charter flights from Banja Luka. He said that new lines are being opened quickly and that a line to Vienna will be opened from March and negotiations are underway for several more attractive destinations.

“I am also optimistic about several other interesting destinations in Western and Eastern Europe. We are introducing two flights a week to Vienna, with the possibility of increasing the number of flights – said Racic, adding that the passengers to Vienna will be transported by the company “Lauda”.


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