IRC B&H: We should not allow Attacks on Religious Objects to disturb good interreligious Relations

mrvInterreligious Council of B&H (MRV B&H) strongly condemned the act of rampage and intimidation of members of the Islamic community in village Omerovići near Tomislavgrad, which occurred on the 15th of August, “when 10 men set the gas bottle in front of the local mosque, broke the windows of the mosque, neighboring buildings and parked vehicles, and insulted and cursed residents in the early morning hours.”

In the press release, they strongly agree with the fact that the Mayor of Municipality, Ivan Vukadin, and other local officials of the municipality of Tomislavgrad, condemned the attack.

“We are very glad that the Mayor of Municipality Tomislavgrad received a delegation of the Islamic Community in B&H led by the mufti of Mostar, Salem ef. Dedović and visited the place of the attack with them,” as said in the statement.

MRV B&H believes that it is very important “not to allow attacks on religious objects to disrupt the good interreligious relations.”

“We are welcoming the quick and effective action of authorized police and prosecuting authorities. Only with a quick identification of perpetrators and a strict punishment, we can prevent repetition of such criminal acts,” as emphasized in the statement.

To recall, in the work of the Interreligious Council in B&H participate all four religious communities and traditional churches, attacks on religious objects are recorded and they are advocating their better protection.

“In our last report we emphasized that the attacks on religious objects are still common and that the main problem are insufficiently severe punishment for the perpetrators of these attack. Religious objects are considered to be symbols of a particular church or a religious community, and every attack on religious object can be perceived as an attack on the entire community. This issue is particularly sensitive when the minor community in a particular area is attacked. Regarding this, we invite all relevant institutions to approach these cases urgently and with special attention,” as stated by the Interreligious Council of B&H.


(Source: klix.ba)

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