Inzko: Real progress is possible in 2013

High Representative for BiH Valentin Inzko said that real progress is possible in 2013.

”When the 2012 started, it was a year of hope and new opportunities for BiH. And indeed, significant progress was made. Important laws for the European future were adopted, budget was adopted and great plans were made. However, I’m afraid that many citizens of BiH will see 2012 as the year of dissatisfaction with politicians”, said Inzko.

He said that BiH lost many opportunities in 2012 which slowed down the process of Euro-Atlantic integrations of BiH.

”Concerning 2013, I choose optimism. The region has moved forward, and in 2013 BiH has the opportunity to move in the same direction as its neighbours. The International community will do everything in its power to help BiH to grasp the opportunities. For example, beside the opportunity to get close to the EU, there is also an open offer from NATO. There is no reason to stop moving forward’’, said Inzko.

He hopes that leader of BiH will be wise enough, and finally end the blockade in Mostar, and he added that OHR was directly involved in joint efforts to end the administrative paralysis in that city, and OHR will continue its work on that issue.

” In FBiH, leaders must stop fighting and must focus on the economic issues and fight against crime and corruption. In RS, although the entity functions well, some politicians must stop wasting time on anti-state initiative that distract attention from more urgent needs, like creating new jobs”, added Inzko.

When in 2013 parties began to implement the agreements reached in the new partnerships they will have to preserve the reforms that have already been achieved and they will have to comply with international obligations.

”It is clear that a lot of work will have to be done in 2013. That work is possible to finish successfully only if the parties focus on solving the issues of citizens. I think that in the next year a real progress can be made. The International Community is determined to help 4 million citizens of this year to use the well-deserved advantages that are being offered to them. Citizens do not want more talk and more blockade, they action and constructive politics. I think that in spite of the disappointments of 2012, political leader can achieve progress in 2013”, said the High Representative for BiH in New Year’s message.

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