Inzko: One More Chance for Politicians in Mostar

mostar stairSpeaking of the political blockade in Mostar, the High Representative to BiH Valentin Inzko said yesterday in this city that local politicians would be given one more chance.

In a statement to journalists, he said how all proposals are on the table and that solutions are possible, but that it does not take away the responsibility of politicians to find a solution.

“We will give one more chance to this Mostar process’’, said Inzko.

Valentin Inzko also opened last night in Mostar an exhibition “Mostar-Museum of Remembrance”.

Several dozen citizens of Mostar awaited the High Representative in front of the building of the new city hall, where the exhibition opened. They gathered to express their dissatisfaction with the political situation in the city on the Neretva.

On the banners read “And when will there be a statute?”, “We have been held hostage for 20 years”, and “Are you doing this?”, and gathered citizens warned of the political blockade in Mostar that has been ongoing for many months, without any indication that it would end soon.

(Source: klix.ba)

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