Inzko: Citizens of BiH want Prosperity, Security and EU Integration

September 30, 2016 5:45 PM

inzkoPolitical situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is abundant with challenges, but rewards for overcoming obstacles are great and the international community is committed to helping citizens overcome those difficulties, stated yesterday the High Representative for BiH Valentin Inzko, adding that citizens of BiH want prosperity, security and EU integration and that those politicians who try to stand in the way of this would be like the king Canute who tried to hold back the tide.

Inzko stated this while addressing the participants in the 7th Economic Forum of Central and Eastern Europe, which is being held in Velden, Austria. Inzko described BiH as a “country which provides genuine opportunities for business”, which now needs practical partnership in the field of trade and investments.

Furthermore, Inzko reminded the investors of the proximity of BiH to the market of BiH, its educated and qualified workforce, favorable fiscal policy with one of the most modern and most efficient systems of indirect taxation in Southeastern Europe, and of many other advantages that BiH has to offer.

“Now when BiH undertook the crucial step, which is applying for membership in the EU, we are on the right path,” Inzko said, adding that it is a path which opens possibilities for citizens of BiH, as well as for prospective partners outside of the country who think about doing business in BiH, the OHR stated.



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