Investors from Saudi Arabia, Norway and Italy Will Attend Seed Forum

moneyThe registration of companies from B&H is underway, which will then prepare to participate in the Sarajevo Seed Forum on 10 October. There will be eight local companies, and global companies that will participate come from Norway, Saudi Arabia and Italy.

As in developed markets, this is an opportunity for companies that plan growth and look for capital to come to investors’’, said to Fena Irfan Polimac, the President of the society for the study of the market, and through whose partnership with Seed Forum access for companies from B&H, Croatia, Serbia and Montenegro is open.

‘’The point is to encourage the development of financial markets by investing in equity so that they could quickly enter the international capital markets, public and private. At the same time, this means the enrichment of investment space in B&H with standardized unlisted investments in the real sector’’.

For B&H companies that require an investor, the deadline is 31 August, and the main criteria is the potential for growth. Companies can be new, startups or still unregistered, big, small or micro. The ideal types are companies whose goal is regional or global expansion, said Polimac.

Companies from B&H can apply by filling out a short form at

The aim of Seed Forum is to eliminate obstacles to capital and enable the visibility of quality companies towards investors. More than 30.000 investors and several thousand companies are part of Seed Forum in more than 30 countries in the world.

(Source: Fena)

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